Due to Aluminum Pricing changes all shield prices have been adjusted to reflect new raw material costs.

Welcome to the Workshop


Welcome to the Workshop, here I will attempt to answer some of the more common questions I get, so you don't have to wait for me to respond to an email.  I'm normally pretty fast, but life seems to happen all too often. So here are some things to save us both some time.


Is this your full time gig?

Nope, this is what keeps me out of (or gets me in to) trouble in the evenings and on the weekends.  As such my schedule for working on things varies and is interupted by local SCA events, fighter practices twice a week, and many other life events.  The goal is for this to become my full time gig, but that is a was off and every order brings that another step closer.


Those kits looks just like ones that used to be sold by Zweihammer Armoury, whats up with that?

A few years ago when Erick Davidson of Zweihammer Armoury posted on the Armor Archive that he was going to be closing up his shop I inquired about purchasing his patterns so that I could cut them out and offer them for sale.  I had just gotten my first CNC plasma table a few months before so the timing was great. After some adjustments and an upgrade to the plasma table to do the longer pieces needed I can now offer the Valsgarde 6, Crusader Topfhelm, and Mitten Gauntlet kits in Cold Rolled Steel (CRS). I am currently unable to cut them out of Stainless because I am not happy with the edge finish when cut with the plasma.

How long does it take to get a shield?

For a plain shield with no powder or center boss I strive to get them shipped out in a few days. Adding the shield boss takes a few more days to get the welding into my schedule, and powder designs take longer to work into my schedule for preparing the artwork and applying the powder.  Once the shield is completed I box it up and drop it off at the local UPS store where it shipd out UPS ground from Madison, Wi.


How long does it take to get one of the Kits?

I am working on keeping a stock of some of the kit sizes so I don't have to rush before an event like Pennsic. However I do make sure I have the sheets on hand to cut anything that is ordered. This means that it could be the same day for shipping, or it could be up to a week while I work the cutting into my schedule.


Can I purchase the Kit assembled and ready to wear?

For the Valsgarde 6 Kit, I am working on the pricing for this. The Topfhelm and gauntlets will be worked on after that.  At first I will probably make some up as stock and have them available so there isn't a problem with wait times.


What is Powder coating?

Wikipedia  I built a small spray booth and oven in my garage and that is what I use for application.  



Shields are shipped via UPS, Armor kits and other smaller items are shipped via USPS Priority mail.