Due to Aluminum Pricing changes all shield prices have been adjusted to reflect new raw material costs.

Welcome to the Workshop

About GreyCat Workshop

As an avid craftsman, I work in a variety of materials in my two workshops located in Madison, WI. I enjoy designing and building beautiful solutions to fit people’s needs and solve their problems; be it odd spaces, storage of specific items or useful unique furniture. With an aesthetic based in clean lines and solid workmanship, my handmade items are custom designs made of wood, metal, leather and glass. I personally create each and every item myself.

Since I was young, I have had the good fortune to learn a wide range of skills. My talents range from welding and computers to woodworking and construction. For several years I have had the pleasure of working behind the scenes with a couple of local businesses. Through my work I have been able to improve their public image and production efficiency - by building booth displays, work stations, websites and product that has been integrated with one’s clothing line. The more I get my hands dirty in new materials and processes, the more I want to make, always with the goal of constantly improving my craftsmanship.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to discussing your custom project with you.

-Jeffrey Peterson
GreyCat Workshop